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Drs. Jonathan Ludmir and Amanda Garfinkel
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Our Vision

Step into the dynamic world of Critical Care Cardiology (CCC) where our community is flourishing at an extraordinary pace. Yet, there's a vital element missing – a centralized space to unite our rapidly growing community. In response to this need, our website is committed to bridging the gap by offering a dedicated platform. Here, our community not only connects and fosters valuable connections but also gains access to essential information.

Our website serves as a comprehensive hub, providing centralized resources on CCC training, training programs, research updates, papers, upcoming meetings, and job postings. Whether you're a resident, fellow-in-training, CCC faculty, or a passionate CICU enthusiast, this is the go-to place for you! Join us in building a vibrant community, sharing knowledge, and shaping the future of Critical Care Cardiology.


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