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CCC Podcasts

Tune in to the newest Critical Care Cardiology episodes on CardioNerds, ACC Cardiacast, and other engaging podcasts.


Training in CCC

  • 162. CCC: Critical Care Cardiology – A New Subspecialty for the Modern CCU with Dr. Jason Katz

All things Shock

  • 168. CCC: Cardiogenic Shock – Initial Assessment and The Shock Team Call with Dr. Anu Lala

  • 237. CCC: Approach to LV Predominant Cardiogenic Shock with Dr. Shashank Sinha

  • 239. CCC: Approach to RV Predominant Cardiogenic Shock with Dr. Ryan Tedford

  • 247. CCC: Biventricular Failure and the Use of VA-ECMO with Dr. Ann Gage

  • 172. CCC: The Hemodynamic Evaluation of Cardiogenic Shock with Dr. Nosheen Reza

  • 193. CCC: Cardiogenic Shock and Valvular Heart Disease with Dr. Paul Cremer

  • 223. CCC: Approach to Acute Myocardial Infarction Cardiogenic Shock with Dr. Venu Menon

  • 235. CCC: Post-cardiotomy Shock with Dr. Gavin Hickey and Dr. David Kaczorowski

  • 177. CCC: Cardiac Arrest, E-CPR, & Post-Arrest Care with Dr. Jason Bartos

  • 303. CCC: Management of Ventricular Tachycardia and Electrical Storm in the CICU with Dr. Janice Chyou

  • 272. CardioNerds Rounds: Challenging Cases – Hemodynamics and Mechanical Circulatory Support with Dr. Daniel Burkhoff

Vents in the CICU

  • 227. CCC: Positive Pressure Ventilation in the CICU with Dr. Sam Brusca, Dr. Chris Barnett, and Dr. Burton Lee

  • 280. CCC: Sedation in the Cardiac ICU with Dr. Christopher Domenico

Kidneys in the CICU

  • 264. CCC: Approach to Renal Replacement Therapy in the CICU with Dr. Joel Topf

  • 262. CCC: Management of Cardiorenal Syndrome in the CICU with Dr. Nayan Arora and Dr. Elliott Miller

Palliative Care in the CICU

  • 251. CCC: Palliative Care and Shared Decision-Making in the CICU with Dr. Larry Allen

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